Pine Pollen Tincture
Pine Pollen Tincture
Pine Pollen Tincture
Pine Pollen Tincture

Pine Pollen Tincture

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When a spiritually and medically advanced ancient culture reveres a plant for thousands of years, there's usually good reason to believe it must be powerful.

Such is the case with Pine Pollen.
This nutrient dense super food contains over 200 bioactive nutrients, vitamins & minerals and is easily one of the most important herbal medicines we have on this planet.

Known as a master rejuvenator & adaptogen this medicine provides deep cellular rejuvenation, nutrition, longevity & more.

BUT it's most important and unique quality is it's ability to harmonize the endocrine system which is rare in the plant world. This makes it nature's most powerful androgen, and the only plant source of the wonder hormone DHEA which is the precursor to testosterone, estrogen & progesterone. As an adaptogen it regulates all our hormones providing us with vitality and vigour, warding off adrenal fatigue, as well as helping with stress and anxiety.

As a potent Detoxer of pathogens, metals, estrogen mimicking compounds, radioactive isotopes, free radicals and more, pine pollen is a vital friend in this modern day and age, helping protect us from the constant bombardment of issues around us.


Ethically Harvested Newlands Pine Pollen

Combined with Stinging Nettle root to maximize the nutritional benefits

- Wild Havested Pinus Sub.
- Cape Town Harvest


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