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African Dream Root - Synaptolepis Kirkii

African Dream Root - Synaptolepis Kirkii

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Note: We are replacing Synaptolepis kirkii with Silene Undulata

Synaptolepis Kirkii has become endangered due to overharvesting and not allowing the plant to regrow fast enough. For more info on Silene Undulata click here


For inducing trance states and vivid dreams, and for encouraging deep sleep

Synaptolepis kirkii, or uvuma-omhlope, is an African shrub with large white roots. The roots are said to encourage clear visions, trance states and mental clarity in dreams. The root is also said to allow communication with one’s ancestors in the dream state, leading to visionary and prophetic dreams. Like Silene capensis, it is said that if you go to sleep after consuming uvuma-omhlope with a specific question in mind, your ancestors will come to you and give you the answers you desire.

Relatively little research has been done regarding uvuma-omhlope, but we do know that it includes several completely novel alkaloids, including kirkinine, a powerful neurotrophic. Neurotrophics encourage the survival of nerve tissue and help to repair and regrow nerve cells. The presence of this alkaloid definitely indicates very promising things regarding the healing power of this amazing root.

Preparation/recipe: A tea is made. Using around 300 - 600mg of dried root powder in very hot water for five minutes and then to drink about an hour before bed.

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