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Mushroom Blend (reishi, shiitake, turkey tail)

Mushroom Blend (reishi, shiitake, turkey tail)

R50 per 50g / R1,000 per kg

Z E R O - W A S T E

This product is delivered to you with zero waste, meaning we ship it to you in a compostable brown kraft bag to you (no plastic) and as little other packaging as possible. You'll then need to decant the contents into your own jar or resealable container, to preserve the freshness. Our goal is to make getting bulk Mushroom Blend (reishi, shiitake, turkey tail) & other healthy whole foods & plants simple, affordable and waste free for all! Click here for more info!

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Powdered mushroom mix - 100% organic

A super mushroom mix of 3 powerful medical mushrooms:

- Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)
- Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
- Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

Contains a blend of reishi, shiitake and turkey tail mushrooms grown in China, and sourced and safety tested in Switzerland.

Reishi mushrooms are also known as the ‘king of herbs’ and are known to contain a polysaccharide that helps to boost the immune system and help to prevent abnormal blood vessels.

Shiitake mushrooms contain many of the same amino acids as red meat, which is great for people who limit meat in their diets. Shiitakes are also anti-inflammatory and help to improve circulation, and may offer some protection from cancer.

The turkey tail mushroom has shown consistent and significant immune system enhancing activity, and anti cancer activity.


Important note:

While the mushrooms have been blended to make for easy extraction of their highly potent nutrients - it's best to use this powder in a hot drink concussion, or any long cooking dish. This will ensure this nutrients are fully extracted and able to give the proper benefits.

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