Who are we

We are a Cosmic Bazaar! We are a collection of healers and this is our platform to sell our natural, conscious, holistic and healthy products. All our products are vegan and earth friendly, we make sure they're all sustainable too.

Cosmic Bazaar is the brain child of two dreamers, two vagabond souls who couldn’t stand the thought of investing their energy into the dreams and schemes of others.

Cosmic Bazaar is more than a mere online store or market stall, Cosmic Bazaar is our freedom. Developing this platform for our creation has been the doorway to our liberation!

Our ethos as a company is to be as environmentally friendly and conscious as possible – this entails sourcing all of our products ethically and ensuring that everything in our store is 100% natural and sustainably produced. When possible, we source our products from our local community or within South Africa, thereby supporting our fellow brothers and sisters.

The purpose of this platform is to provide a space for creators, such as ourselves, who have products to sell, but may not have the means or time to develop their own web-stores, or to travel to markets on a weekly basis. As owners of this small business we know each and every one of our suppliers personally and have intimate knowledge of the sourcing and production processes. Many of our products are made by our family and friends, and most of them are homemade. We use each and every one of our products ourselves, and only sell things we are passionate about.

Another very important part of our ethos is our fundamental belief in the deep connection between all life on our beautiful planet Earth. We see and recognise this connection in everything and everyone we encounter, and we aim to honour this in all of our business practices. It is for this reason that we aim to give back as much as possible, and we are currently involved in several community upliftment initiatives and our company is supporting families in need throughout South Africa. Although our reach is small at present, we plan to grow these involvements in alignment with the growth of our company. We have incredible vision for our company and for its involvement in changing the lives of many of our Rastafarian brothers and sisters throughout SA, and we hope to extend our aid into many other communities in the future.

We want to thank both Mother Earth and Father Sky for all that they have done for us. We’d also like to thank all of our incredible friends and family members who have supported us in the most incredible ways. Our travels throughout SA, to several markets and festivals have connected us to the most incredible souls all over our beautiful country, and the network we’ve developed is better described as a family than anything else. We’re both really proud of what we have achieved since our humble beginnings in June 2017, and we look forward to a bright and exciting future.

Thank you again for all of your support!
We love you!
Earth loves you!
And Great Spirit does too!

Love, peace and light,

Dyl, Ash and the rest of the Cosmic Clan.