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African Meshima Tincture

African Meshima Tincture

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The medicinal cracked bracket - phellinus rimosus mushroom looks almost as ancient as its history suggests it is. Used all around the world, this weathered looking fungus has secured itself a spot among the most medicinal species in places like Japan, China, Australia & Africa.

Phellinus' species have been revered as herbal medicines for thousands of years in China & Japan. Emperors of the great Chinese Dynasties & Japanese royalty drank tea & concoctions made from this mushroom family for vitality & long life. Both the Kerala people of ancient India & the aborigines of Australia have also used this mushroom for hundreds if not thousands of years

Phellinus mushrooms gained renewed interest in the 20th century when they were used by the local people of the Meshima islands of Nagasaki, Japan to treat victims of the atomic bombings who had been sent to those islands for recovery.

This large long lived mushroom is identified by it dark upper surface which is covered in fissures or cracks - allowing it to blend into the bark of its host tree. The spore baring surface however has a dazzling, vibrant golden color Various mushrooms in the phellinus genus can be found in South Africa, with the cracked bracket being the most abundant & most medicinal

In TCM, phellinus rimosus is said to detoxify & restore the internal organs, it is also known to be a soothing diuretic, digestive tonic, immune stimulant & cancer treatment. Modern research has proven this mushroom to contain antiinflammatory, hepatoprotective, antidiabetic, anticancer, antioxidant, immunostimulatory, cyto-protective & anti-microbial activities

This mushroom is made up of a number of different phytochemicals including polyphenols, caffeic acid, interfungin A, various erogsterols, fungisterols, quinones & terpenes African meshima appears to exhibit a wider range of immunostimulation than other mushroom polysaccharides. It stimulates both the cellmediated (macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer cells, & so on) & the humoral (mediated by antibodies) parts of the immune system, proving that this mushrooms immune boosting benefits are indeed valid.

This mushroom also shows elevated levels of antioxidants in its users (such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase & reduced glutathione) . A variety of tests designed to measure antioxidant power in mushrooms have been conducted - African Meshima showed the most potent antioxidant activity among the listed medicinal mushroom ( including Reishi ) all of which showed significant antioxidant activities. Experiments have also shown that African Meshima has significant anti-tumor activity. Both the ethyl acetate & methanol extracts (but not the aqueous) of this fungus are capable of killing cancer cells from lines such as Dalton’s lymphoma ascites & Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma. Although all three extracts inhibited growth of solid tumors in the DLA cell line to some extent, the ethyl acetate acetate has the highest antitumor activity. Its worth noting that the anti-tumor effectiveness of the three extracts at a dose of 50 mg/kg was comparable to the anti-cancer drug cisplatin (at 4 mg/kg). This mushroom also shows significant antibacterial activity Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeuroginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, and Bacillus subtilis

We produce a triple extract african meshima tincture. Our fungi specimens are wild harvested in the eastern cape forests far from cities to ensure that no contaminants, heavy metals & pesticides are present - we use a mixture of ethenol, h20 & distillation to concentrate this powerful mushroom medicine.


African Meshima Tincture 30ml
- Phellinus rimosus

Wild harvested African Meshima ± 12 000mg

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