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Amethyst and Kundalini Quartz necklace
Amethyst and Kundalini Quartz necklace

Amethyst and Kundalini Quartz necklace

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The contentment stone, Amethyst facilitates in the transmutation of lower vibrational energies into higher frequencies of both the spiritual and etheric levels. Said to represent the principle of metamorphosis it brings about the balance between all aspects of the self while providing space for an earthly connection, as well as a celestial one. Clearing and stabilizing the auric field it aids in healing blockages within the body, bestowing stability, strength and peace. Highly beneficial to use when in meditative states it heightens connection whist amplifying protection to the psychic self. It further aids in lessons of practicality – management of responsibility, inciting fairness, decision making, cooperation, bringing about new ideas, re-alignment, integration, self-surety as well as clearing away unkind vibrations which prevent clarity. 


Kundalini quartz is an especially rare and powerful crystal being – it holds within three varieties of mineral: calcite, hematite and smokey quartz, a divine combination which can only be naturally found in the Congo ( laying at the heart of Mama Africa). Within the name itself one can see the main healing potential of this crystal – working on channelling the energy from the Root Chakra, and moving it up towards the crown, towards the connection with the divine self. Clearing and activating each chakra as the energy, the life-force flows within the physical self this can bring about radical healing to all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. These transformational beings facilitate the rebirth of the self into ones true essence – to be, the channel through which infinite light pours through


Woven with the purest reverence of the earthly body we each possess, this piece speaks to the embodiment of the divine in every aspect of expression. 


“May the long-time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you – guide your way on”


Made of earth, with love, through light 

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