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Awaken to Love
Awaken to Love
Awaken to Love
Awaken to Love

Awaken to Love

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Nurture, Nourish, Soothe and Protect
Body and Soul Healing Balms

Angel Awaken to Love Balm contains Activated Minerals and Crystals which impart The Healing Energy of LOVE on application and inhalation of the balm.

All LOVE Begins with SELF LOVE

SELF LOVE creates Self Acknowledgment
SELF LOVE creates Self Realization
SELF LOVE creates Self Acceptance
SELF LOVE Enables Us To Give And Receive Love
AWAKEN TO LOVE BALM allows Love to Grow and Flourish in Your Energy Field

Awaken to Love Balm May be Applied on Body, Hands and Feet to Nurture, Nourish, Soothe and Protect.
A small amount of balm may be placed directly in bath water or rubbed into the skin before a bath or shower.
A small amount of balm may be placed in the top of oil burner to release it's scent.
The Balms are Highly Concentrated. A Little Goes A Long Way!

Coconut oil, mafura butter, shea butter, cacao butter, evening primrose oil, vitamin e, chamomile oil, geranium oil, activated mineral energies and loads of love


Two Methods of Healing
Angel Awaken Balms are created to Nourish and Heal the user of the Balm in two ways. Firstly they can be applied to any area of the body as A Deeply Moisturizing Balm, containing a synergistic blend of natural, organic plant and tree butters and oils, and pure essential oils.
Secondly they also contain a Vibrational Healing component. This affects the User on an Energetic Level.

What is meant by Vibrational Healing?

Everything on the Earth, including the Earth itself is made up of energy. Humans, land dwelling animals, birds, fish, plants, trees, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink is all made up of energy. The sounds we hear, the colours we see, the smells we inhale, are also all forms of energy. Emotions are a form or source of energy. Without energy there is no life. This energy does not stand still. It is not motionless. Energy vibrates. It is constantly in motion. This Vibrating Energy can also be referred to as a Vibrational Energy Frequency

Therefore the food that we take in, is a form of vibrating energy, the air that we breathe is a form of vibrating energy and the water that we drink is a form of vibrating energy. Vibrational Energy provides us with Life. We can absorb vibrational energy from the food, water and air, which sustains us, helps us to grow, keeps us alive and heals us. Likewise our emotions are a form of vibrating energy. That is why we can feel LOVE and JOY, or their opposites, Anger and Fear and their energy effects us physically. We are able to receive and send this form of energy ourselves. We also absorb Vibrational Healing Energy or Frequency, through our skin and sense of smell.

How Angel Awaken Balms Heal

Angel Awaken Balms are a form of Vibrational Healing Energy or Frequency.
Awaken to Love Balms contains the Energy Frequency of LOVE.
Awaken to Joy Balms contains the Energy Frequency of JOY.
Through the recommended method of application these Vibrational Healing
Frequencies can be absorbed by the user.

Method of Application

The Balms Vibrational Healing Frequency can be absorbed by rubbing them directly into
your skin.
The Balms Vibrational Healing Frequency can be absorbed by inhaling their aroma.
They may be inhaled by breathing their aroma deeply into our lungs while applying them to our skin. They may be rubbed lightly onto the skin before a shower or bath, so that the warm water releases their scent. A small amount may be dropped directly into bath water. A small amount may be placed in an essential oil burner in our environment. In these ways we will be breathing in and absorbing the vibration and energy that the balm contains.The Balms can be used alone or together, to connect to both Love and Joy.

Soul Energetic Healing Properties

An important part of the Energetic Healing properties of the Balms is their ability to provide comfort and support to our Inner Child. Often as children we become energetically wounded by a trauma or shock. The Wounded Inner Child often does not heal from this shock or trauma and becomes the Wounded Adult.
The Awaken to LOVE Balm connects the User to their Inner Child which is in need of Love, Nurturing, Protection, Compassion and Self Assurance.
The Awaken To JOY Balm connects the User to their Inner Child which is in need of Expression, in the form of Play, Laughter, Happiness and Creativity.
Both the Balms will provide a Vibration of Healing, Love and Protection to the Wounded Inner Child.
This can allow the Wounded Inner Child to emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon and become the Healed Adult, free to give and receive Love and express Joy.
It is important to understand that we carry our Inner Child within us our entire life, and at any age our Inner Child can become wounded. Not necessarily between the widely accepted childhood ages of birth to eighteen. This can occur through the words and deeds of others that we perceive to be critical and judgmental. This wounding may also occur through a feeling of being rejected, abandoned and unloved by those we trust and love.

How Angel Awaken Balms Are Created

Angel Awaken Balms contain a Healing blend of Angelic Energy Frequencies,
Colour Vibrations, Sound Waves, Aromas and Activated Crystal and Mineral Energies.

Angel Awaken Balms are hand crafted in the tranquil Mountains above
Wilderness, along the Garden Route in the Southern Cape, where the Wild Elephant
herds once roamed freely.

Prepared at an ancient and sacred site, they harness the energy created by the unique and harmonious convergence of healing frequencies created by the Sea, Lakes, Forests and Mountains, which are present and amplified in this area.
The Crystals and Minerals used in the Balms are activated by the Earth, the Sunlight and the Moonlight before their resonance is transferred into the balms.
A variety of African and Madagascan Crystals and Minerals, are used in this process, to create a Universal healing energy that can be of benefit to all.

Each batch is made in limited quantities.

It contains the following pure and natural ingredients that have been blended and chosen to work in synergy to moisturize, soothe and soften the skin:

Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer due to its high moisture retaining properties. The fatty acids in the oil make it an effective emollient. It has good antioxidant and protective benefits. It is both antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is suitable for all skin types.

Mafura Butter is rich in skin nourishing essential fatty acids.
It is easily absorbed by the skin and encourages regeneration of skin cells without clogging pores. It’s anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties improve both the health and condition of the skin and hair. It is also beneficial for rheumatism.

Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile
are healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and excellent for dry skin. They are beneficial to the nervous system and are relaxing and calming. Their healing properties make them useful for headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps and tension, and pain relief.

Made with Organic , Cold Pressed, Butters, Waxes and Pure

Essential Oils.

Comes in a 50ml Glass Jar
Please return to us if possible

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