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Ayurvedic Saffron (Masala Incense)

Ayurvedic Saffron (Masala Incense)

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Saffron is derived from the stains of the ivory-white and purple crocus flower which is known as “Saffron Crocus”. The aroma of Kesar is like that of metallic honey with grass-like or hay-like notes in it. The benefits and aroma of Saffron were put together with incense stick formulation to produce Magical Ayurvedic Saffron Masala Incense Sticks. Kesar Saffron incense sticks renders an aroma which is strong, creamy consisting of sweet muskiness with a warm sandalwood base. These incense sticks are made using natural extracts and are free from toxic materials. They contain a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and oils.

Saffron incense sticks are in a premium range of incense sticks that leaves behind a lingering sensation even after the stick is burned. When the fragrance of kesar is inhaled, it works as a happiness inciter, increases sexual desire and also increases physical awareness. It stimulates positivity, love, strength, lust and clairvoyance. These incense sticks are proved to be effective in uplifting mood and elimination of depression and stress. It can help improve memory retention, learning capacities and helping to foucss, especially children.

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