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CBD Gummy Healing Sweets
CBD Gummy Healing Sweets
CBD Gummy Healing Sweets

CBD Gummy Healing Sweets

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Homemade with lots of love and good vibes.
Sugar free, vegan sweets infused with herbal extracts and CBD.

Our locally made and handcrafted CBD Gummy Healing Sweets, by LIFE.

Each gummy contains only isomalt, water, herbal extract (rosehip & cinnamon) and FULL SPECTRUM CBD extract. No sugar or other stuff.

We have 2 sizes available, a small tin with 5 sweets, and a big tin with 18 sweets.

CBD & other cannabinoid per gummy:
3.7mg CBD, 0.8mg CBDV/CBDA, <0.1mg THC

They are FULL SPECTRUM meaning they're truly medicine sweets that offer medicinal benefit. They activate our endocannbinoid system and activate our receptor sites through the entourage effect. They do not get you high, but put you in a beautiful blissful calm state, lovely for stress relief when out and about in the crazy world we live in.

Each batch is carefully handmade and poured individually into moulds. In this way, there may be slightly variations and inconsistencies batch to batch, but the same base ingredients are used.

5 sweets = R40 (R8 per sweet)
18 sweets = R100 (R5.55 per sweet)

Love love love!

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