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Cell phone Orgonite Disc
Cell phone Orgonite Disc
Cell phone Orgonite Disc
Cell phone Orgonite Disc

Cell phone Orgonite Disc

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EMF Balance and Protection - Elite Shungite, Nuummite, Copper, Moldavite, Lepidolite, Organite, Orgon

Materials inside: Quartz, shungite, nuummite, selenite, black tourmaline, resin, moldavite, lepidolite, copper and iron, lots of love

This two inch round emf protection and balance disc is designed to attach to your cell phone, tablet or laptop to assist with the balancing of the energy of these devices. Cell phones and wireless devices give off electromagnetic (EMF) radiation that is unbalanced and can be felt in the body as it is absorbed. Our cell phone orgonite discs balance this energy via a layered mix of organic and inorganic materials in a medium that continuously squeezes over time.

Cast in the only resin that constricts, our mix includes high-density metals and crystals combined with a generous amount of raw and powdered copper layered throughout. It is this matrix of both raw copper and crystals as well as higher density metal powders that create a balanced flow of piezoelectric energy or what is commonly called orgone or organite.

We add finely crushed MOLDAVITE, the stone of transformation, to our mix to bring the energy of the stars to our mix. Moldavite is a silicate-based tektite that can only be found in what is now the modern-day Czech Republic. This powerful synergy 12 crystal formed when the meteorite crashed into the Earth with such force that it fused star and Earth together. This is a powerful stone of transformation that opens the heart to the highest manifestation of our potential in this world.

We created these discs with materials charged by the most recent total eclipse to add the energy of the ultimate manifestation of celestial balance and oneness. As above so below.

This mix includes Black Tourmaline, Elite Shungite, Nuummite, Selenite, Iron oxide, zeolite, quartz, and both powdered and raw copper as well as red and black copper oxide. Copper and Silver are the most conductive metals followed by gold, copper is 30% more conductive than pure gold and you can feel the difference in our products.

One disc is more than enough for each device and it includes the adhesive already attached. Just place on your the back of your phone case. It is strong enough to hold but you can still remove it if you change phones or cases.

These discs are not stickers. They go on the outside of your phone case if you use one and they are approx 1/4 - 3/8" thick. They act as an excellent handle to grip for photos, etc.

Made by 432oneness <3


About Orgonite

Orgone is simply another name for prana, chi, reiki, ether, spirit, zero point energy. The term was coined by Dr. William Reich, who provided the base understanding of combining organic and inorganic materials to affect energy in the 1930s. Orgonite® was invented by Karl Hans Welz. He improved on Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator by creating a device made of metal particles cast in resin. He coined the term Orgonite® and trademarked the name.

These tools tap into the universal life force energy that is in and around all of life. This universal energy is unbalanced by cell towers, power lines, electronics, etc. As electromagnetic beings, we are naturally affected by this imbalance. By combining organic (resin, carbon-based) and inorganic (metals, crystals, carbon-derivative) materials; orgone effectively "scrubs" this unbalanced energy and generates positive, balanced energy. The resin constantly applies pressure on the crystals, "squeezing " them and producing piezoelectric energy that is absorbed into the wearer's electromagnetic field and into the chakra energy centers of the body.