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Face Wash Soap

Face Wash Soap

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This Nourish Face Wash bar can be used directly on your face for a lovely, refreshing and toning skin treatment. Salt is also a natural antiseptic so for any cuts and grazes, use your salt bar. This quality also makes it a useful shaving bar as it will disinfect those nicks and cuts as you shave.Why a Salt Soap is Excellent for Skin

Salt, by nature is grainy and therefore makes for a great scrub. When showering or bathing with it, Himalayan salt increases blood circulation and allows for the skin to soak in ingredients from other products more effectively. Moreover when added to soap, the salt makes a rock hard bar that ends up as smooth as a stone with a lotion like lather. The user will not only get the benefits of the sea salt, but will see more complete benefits from the lotion - such as moisturizing and mild antiseptic properties.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, castor, shea and cocoa butter, Himalayan salt, grapefruit and lime essential oils.

Large: 125 grams
Small: 30 grams

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