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Immortalitea Kombucha

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Authentic, raw kombucha fermented for 30 days. Perfect for new and experienced Kombucha drinkers alike, it's brewed with truly unrefined cane to cultivate 9 billion living probiotics.

Pure, Powerful, and Alive!

100% Raw, 100% Real Kombucha, 100% Regeneration

That's why IMMORTALIEA is alive with 18x more probiotics than the average Joe. Brewed with truly unrefined cane to cultivate 9 billion living probiotics for improved digestion, abundant energy, and thriving physical and mental states. This kombucha is ideal for both new and experienced kombucha drinkers, delivering beautiful organic ingredients and nourishing nutrients to your body for a powerful energetic boost. Traditionally, it is cultured in small, 6-liter batches, with each linked to our original 10+ year old mother SCOBY lineage. It is full of life, electrolytes, and vitality.

Raw coconut water and refreshing mint finished with fresh-pressed ginger.


  • 9 Billion Living Probiotics
  • Natural fermentation to replenish the gut
  • Boost immune health.

Organic, truly unrefined cane sugar is used during fermentation as an energy source for the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). All cane sugar is eaten up and converted to probiotics, enzymes, and minerals, leaving no trace sugars behind.


Immortalitea's Kombucha*, (kombucha culture*, black tea*, truly unrefined cane sugar), young coconut water*, fresh pressed ginger juice*, mint*, and 100% pure love!!!

*Organically produced





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