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Medicine Bundle (Imphepho, Lavendar & Rosemary)

Medicine Bundle (Imphepho, Lavendar & Rosemary)

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Our Imphepho Medicine Bundles are created by our friends with lots of love and beautiful intentions.

Uses expand even beyond ritual clearing as they can be used for teas, anti-microbial uses, analgesic, etc.
Our Helichrysum bundles are harvested from our local landscapes in the Southern Peninsula and carry it's frequency so is really effective for people who live here - a bit like having local honey :) It's been fascinating to hear that Helichrysum is the most widely used medicinal plant in Southern Africa.

Lavender, Rosemary medicine bundles - also have calendula, rose, marigold, rose geranium leaves.

- Calendula is used for purification ,
- Rose and rose geranium to bring bring divine beauty into your space,
- Marigolds for there bright colours - used in mexico for day of the dead to honour ancestors - We love using them because of there bright, vibrant colours
- Lavender for peace and tranquility.
- Rosemary for protection and clearing of negative energy.


Note: Smudge stick may different to what is shown in the picture. We make them by hand and depending on the season, plants used, etc it may be different.

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