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Indigenous Tincture
Indigenous Tincture

Indigenous Tincture

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Connect with the land we are on, this amazing mix of powerful indigenous herbs is an all round tonic for boosting health & wellbeing

- Packed with Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties
- Improves Heart Health
- Treats and May Prevent Diabetes
- Keeps Skin and Hair Young

- Removes toxins from the body
- Protects the body from infections
- Potent anti-immflamatory

- Helps the body cope with mental & physical stress
- Treats depression & anxiety
- Boosts white & killer blood cell production
- Assists with cronic fatigue syndrome

Wilde Als:
- Anti-inflammatory & antiseptic
- Relieves gastro and intestinal ailments
- It is an anthelmintic - it expels intestinal worms
- A powerful blood purifier

African Potato:
- High in antioxidants
- Help strengthen the immune system
- Contains a chemical called beta-sitosterol, which seems to improve symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)



Aether Indigenous Tincture 30ml

Ingredients - Standardized Extracts:

  • Rooibos | 4800mg
  • Afr. Potato | 4800mg
  • Sutherlandia | 3750mg
  • Buchu | 3000mg
  • Wilde Als | 1500mg
86 proof grain alcohol.

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