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Labradorite wings necklace

Labradorite wings necklace

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The magik practitioners stone – representative of “the temple of stars” this mineral protects the aura through clearing, balancing, protecting and freeing it, in alignment with the subtle bodies thereby enhancing connection between the physical and ethereal realms. Sustaining and Maintaining are two clear messages – identifying ones destiny, bringing light from the galaxy to ground into the earthy field in order to truly enact it. Transforming intuition to intellectual instructions one can use to traverse changes. Labelled as the matriarch of the subconscious mind it can facilitate in providing instructive sessions about the implementation of inner messages, sight, knowing to the physical, conscious reality. The sun-moon duality of this being allows for a balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within allowing harmony to manifest.


A simplistic winged weave allows for this dreamy crystal to shine through absolutely. This Labradorite holds within a gentle nature, a nurturer to live out ones truth. May this piece bring the gentle awakening you need to the truth, your truth. May it highlight all the areas in your life that need tending to and amplify the healing which has taken root thus far. Allow it, with your intent, to rewire your actions, thoughts and perceptions to that of alignment. 


Made of earth, with love, through light 


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