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Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Lapis Lazuli


Third Eye and Throat Chakra


One of the most valuable stones of Ancient Egypt, used to entomb and decorates the Pharoahs of the time, Lapis Lazuli carries the vibration of the inner “King” or “Queen” inherent in each of us.

This stone is potent in calling us to step forward and become the masters of our own lives. It calls on initiation into the path of deep self-knowledge and uncovers great mystery to the wearer.
Lapis Lazuli can be a “super power” stone of great strength, but truly calls for the wearer to step forward and take responsibility of their own patterns, habits and actions.
Working with the Third Eye chakra, Lapis is hugely revealing in the projections of other people, and revealing psychic “chords”. Through this process one can really grasp what is their own reflection, and what is the projection of other people. Sometimes we can become so entangled in situations, especially with those we live closely with and it can be difficult to tell what is causing inner turmoil and frustration.
While Lapis clearly reveals the impact others have on us as an external interference, it also acts as a mirror and makes us conscious of our own “stuff”.

Where others send negative thoughts or “psychic attack”, Lapis Lazuli works as a mirror and deflects these energies back to the source, thus helping people in our surrounding environment ‘have a dose of their own medicine’ and in turn aid them in becoming conscious of their own patterns.



Crafters Note

All of our stones are one of a kind, hand-crafted with love and a heart-felt intention that its wearer may find illumination, strength and healing in their life journeys- with a playful dose of humour, too!
As the Full and New moons pass, each stone is laid out to charge and cleanse through the cosmic planetary cycles while they await finding their perfect home.


Crystal necklaces can be potent talismans for transformation. Each stone vibrates with its own unique resonance and can aid us in supporting various aspects of our lives, as well as helping to overcome obstacles or challenges.

To get the most from your experience with your crystals, place them outside or on your windowsill on the Full or New moon to charge them.
You can also place them on top of a piece of paper with a word or wish written to focus in which aspect of your life you would like to channel their healing energy.

It is important to cleanse your stones regularly, especially if they are helping you through difficult situations or trying times. This is especially important for black stones, which protect and dispel negative energy from your surroundings. To make sure your crystals are functioning at their optimum, place them outside when it rains or hold them under running water.. a stream, the ocean or river is wonderful for this. You can also be creative about hanging your stones in different places within your home, or next to your bedside when you are not wearing them. Crystals can work their magic from every nook and crevice in your home, and do not need to be worn for their healing effects to enter your life.

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