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Lion's Mane - Activated Powder

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Known in Japan as “Yamabushitake” which loosely translates to “those who sleep in the
mountains” since it was a common delicacy among monks/hermits.
Native Americans have also long been using these beautiful “pom pom” like mushrooms
for their awesome medicinal benefits.

Brain health

In the chemical breakdown of these fungus; two triterpenoids stand out for brain health:
hericenones and erinacines. These compounds have proven to be wonderfully effective
neuroprotective and cognitive enhancing agents.

There is no better mushroom for neuroprotective and cognitive optimized functioning
than Lion’s mane. Bioactive erinacines helps activate nerve growth factor (NGF) and
brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is responsible for the reorganizing of
neurons in the brain and central nervous system.

BDNF is responsible for the healthy proliferation of neural matter, creating synapses and
a whole brain state. Thus, sharpening all facets of the mind including memory,
reasoning, logic, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Lion’s mane may protect, and aid in the treatment of Alzheimers, and dementia by
drastically reducing the buildup of amyloid peptide in the brain. While at the same time
promoting myelin genesis, cerebellar cells and myelination. Myelin is made up of amino
acids and fatty substances that coat the nerves, spinal cord and neurons - responsible
for conducting electrical impulses in these important aspects of the body.
Lion’s mane may prove to be an effective remedy for balancing out anxiety and stress.

Stomach health

β-1,3- branched β-1,6-glucan polysaccharides have a positive influence on the G.I tract,
and immunomodulating effects through the stimulation of T-cells, macrophages and
cytokines. This in turn also creates nitric acid which is essential for overall health. In
ancient Chinese culture, Lion’s mane was commonly advocated for stomach ailments
and gastrointestinal complaints.
Anticancer benefits
Polysaccharides inherent are specifically focused to be cytotoxic to cancer and tumor
cells. Hepatocytes, mammary carcinoma, lymphoma & oesophageal cancer may be
reduced through the use of Lion’s mane unique polysaccharide content.

The 5 Main Benefits of Lion’s Mane

● Enhanced cognitive function due to erinacines and hericenones
● Neuroprotective qualities, increased NGF and BDNF
● May assist or prevent dementia, alzheimers and other neurological dysfunctions
● Healthy gastrointestinal functioning through unique polysaccharides
● May reduce or prevent the formation of cancerous and tumor cell


Lion's mane Activated Powder - 50g

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