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Metatron’s Cube Necklace
Metatron’s Cube Necklace

Metatron’s Cube Necklace

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Metatron's Cube is a symbol that is representative of the pattern energy created throughout the universe – existing in perfect balance. It consists of all the Platonic Solids (representational of the elements), and additionally has thirteen circles in it to represent the thirteen archangels (with Metatron's circle at the centre). All circles are connected by straight lines, horizontal representing the feminine and vertical representing the masculine, tied together, united in their duality.


Woven with a lotus-like patterning around the sacred geometry – my woven intent is to bring this symbol into the consciousness of the wearer in all that they do. May you hold reverence to the elements, to the guides, to the balance, the unity and interconnection of this divine existence.


Made of earth, with love, through light 

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