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Mixed set of 3 Yoni Eggs

Mixed set of 3 Yoni Eggs

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Mixed set of 3 Yoni Eggs –

Small Rose Quartz (3.3 x 2.5cm)

Medium Xiuyan Jade (4.1 x 2.6cm) and

Large Red Jasper (5 x 3.5cm) 

In purple presentation pouch. Beautiful silk carrying pouch also included.


Red Jasper – Releasing of Sexual Shame & Guilt;  Activating of Sexual & Creative Energy;  Stabilising Emotions (very Grounding) ;  Encouraging Focus & Self-Mastery
Red Jasper also helps enhance one’s endurance and stamina by increasing the chi in one’s energetic field.  It is a stone of physical strength and energy and is wonderful for those needing extra support to recover from physical weakness due to illness. It enhances memory, especially of dreams and other inner experiences.  Its ability to activate sexual/creative energy can be very useful to counter issues of impotence or lack of sexual interest. It is an amazing ally for those wishing to heal and recover from violent sexual experiences.  It is said to have a down-to-earth “nobility” that just rubs off on its wearer.  All of this work it does gradually but powerfully.

Xiuyan Jade – Xiuyan Jade has been used to make Jade artifacts in China for thousands of years. It is also known as Serpentine Jade or Water Jade. The eggs polish to a smooth finish and are hard to scratch or damage. Xiuyan Jade Eggs are a mixture of a beautiful translucent green and shades of milky green. The abundance of Xiuyan Jade makes it a more affordable option for a Jade Egg. Xiuyan Jade assists in cellular regeneration and in replenishing one’s energy. It is also said to be beneficial for kidney function, hormone balance and relieving tension, making it a perfect stone for a Jade Egg practice. Xiuyan Jade is very effective at awakening the kundalini energy and thus activating all chakras from the base to the crown in a safe and balanced way. Xiuyan Jade clears blocked energies and allows a healthy, natural flow to be re-established. Xiuyan Jade also enhances our communication with Nature and the Earth – including animal, plant and stone communication and allows us to unlock the stored cumulative knowledge of the natural world.

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is a very powerful, yet exceedingly gentle, stone – it is the quintessential stone of love and, as such, stimulates and opens the heart chakra and clears the emotional body. Rose Quartz is clearly feminine in tone and is calming and cleansing, facilitating the release of stress, tension, fear, anger, grief and shame. Physically, it helps cure heart imbalances and reprogrammes the cells for joy and longevity. Rose Quartz spreads compassion and gentle understanding. A beautiful stone to use for a Jade Egg practice.

Why Use A Yoni Egg?

The benefits of using a yoni egg are many, profound and far-reaching:-

  • Tones the pelvic floor & helps prevent uterine, bladder and vaginal prolapse & also prevents loss of bladder control/incontinence
  • Tones vaginal muscles pre- and post-childbirth – making for easier childbirth and recovery; restores vaginal elasticity
  • Increases circulation and can help to repair any damaged nerve endings sustained during childbirth
  • Assists in energetic clearing of any sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion or even a difficult childbirth
  • Increases orgasmic pleasure for both partners – deeper, more intense and more frequent orgasms for women due to increased vaginal sensitivity and awakened sexual energy; and tighter and more control of vaginal muscles = more pleasure for men
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Relieves PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Seals in energy during menstruation – and in doing so reduces any heavy bleeding, cramping and fatigue experienced
  • Assists in cases of infertility
  • Stimulates vaginal reflexology points – harmonising any imbalances of the body, just as with acupuncture
  • Very grounding
  • Anti-aging practice – creates an energetic lift throughout the body causing a natural facelift
  • Activates chi/life-force energy – increases creativity, passion and libido
  • Awakens and cultivates divine feminine sexual & sensual energy

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