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Blessings on the next cycle around the sun! We're gently starting off the year with grace and ease, so please understand any delays. Lots of love :)
Moon Calendar for 2020
Moon Calendar for 2020
Moon Calendar for 2020

Moon Calendar for 2020

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2020 Moon Calendar


Physical A3 Moon calendar laminated poster made by the lovely Fiona Sym.

Comes with all the info you need about what each day's moon sign is, what cycle the moon is in, how the current moon sign effects your moods, and when to grow and garden depending on the moon.


Most people are familiar with their daily and yearly cycles, but few a familiar with their Moon cycles. The Moon cycle has a great effect on you and those around you and tapping in to this useful information can be of enormous benefit.  Just like the day has morning, noon, afternoon and night, and the year has spring, summer, autumn and winter, so the Moon has her four part cycle every month.  Knowing and watching these cycles helps you to connect with nature's rhythm. Tuning in to your own natural luna rhythm will help you understand yourself and those around you.

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