Plant Based Soap
Plant Based Soap
Plant Based Soap

Plant Based Soap

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We currently stock 3 amazing plant based soaps with no Lye, Sulphates, Parabens and more.

Our soap isn't quite soap at all, but something better. Better for you as there are no chemicals what-so-ever, better for the planet as they are completely biodegradable, and better for animals as no testing is done on these amazing creatures.

Our soap all start out with the same basic ingredients of bentonite clay which helps to remove toxins from your skin, reduces inflammation & can help lighten acne marks.

The next ingredient is kaolin clay which assists in cleansing and exfoliate dead skin-cells. it is also a great cleanser of pores

​We mix them up a little, adding specialised individual ingredients to create three very different soaps, for different skin types

Charcoal & Tea Tree

Chamomile & Turmeric

Acai berries & Grapefruit

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