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Organic Corn Chips (Santa Annas)

Organic Corn Chips (Santa Annas)

R35 per 250g / R140 per kg

Z E R O - W A S T E

This product is delivered to you with zero waste, meaning we ship it to you in a compostable brown kraft bag to you (no plastic) and as little other packaging as possible. You'll then need to decant the contents into your own jar or resealable container, to preserve the freshness. Our goal is to make getting bulk Organic Corn Chips (Santa Annas) & other healthy whole foods & plants simple, affordable and waste free for all! Click here for more info!

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Bulk Santa Anna's Organic Corn Ships!


Since we pack and deliver all our foods plastic free, we thought we'd do the same with our favourite local chips. However since they are susceptible to getting stale without a sealed packet - please make sure to put them in a zip lock or jar immediately upon delivery. If they do happen to get a bit stale, they're easily made crispy again by putting them in the oven for a few minutes. We will do our best to shorten delivery times as much as possible with this bulk offering. Thanks for choosing to be plastic free!


About Santa Anna's Organic Corn Chips


Our organic corn tortillas are hand cut to obtain our desired homemade look and texture. Corn being naturally gluten free is the main ingredient with small amount of hydrated lime and water added. This is then kettle fried in batches to produce a consistent even textured crispy corn chip. We use certified organic coconut oil in our production process. Coconut oil has one of the highest smoking points of any vegetable oil producing much less free radicals in the cooking process. Coconut oil is a 100% pure product. Most commercial seed oils contain various chemicals like the petrochemical TBHQ and anti-foaming foaming agents which we just won’t allow in our product. Once fried our product is salted using Oryx dessert salt and packaged in 250g and 80g packets for your enjoyment.

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