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With our heart intent for this process being rooted within the restoration of the sacred balance between earth and mankind, these Light Transmitters are created to serve and attract a wider sense of harmony within your space through a process of energetic (orgone) transmutation.

This particular batch of Light Transmitters consists of clear quartz, brass shavings, sterling silver shavings, copper spirals, resin and raw Love.

How does this process of transmutation work?

The conductive metals within act as receivers for the energy as well as any electro magnetic frequencies (emf) within the space. While the resin continues to contract over the duration of roughly 3 years (more so in a cold environment), it exerts loving pressure upon the crystals, activating them. This activation allows for the instant transmutation of the energy or the emfs as they are received from the surrounding metals... Thus transmitting orgone (Light) energy instead, creating a freer and clearer space for you and your family to dance in ~


Cosmically Crafted - Each and every orgonite we make is hand crafted with lots of love, care and beautiful intentions. We only make them when the time is right, when we're in the right space to do so.

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