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Peach Moonstone wings necklace
Peach Moonstone wings necklace

Peach Moonstone wings necklace

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Ancestral roots run deep with this mineral being, acting as a tangible connection to lunar magic. It has been used as a travellers amulet of protection, a symbolic gift between lovers, a channel for insights to come through and a light to use on the journey to our inner wisdom. Working with the cycles and the tides, it holds us in reverence to the rhythms of existence and how these influence our physical bodies, behaviours, emotions and spiritual connections. Known to relive worry and anxiety it invites loving energy, promoting the divine in all situations for emotional support – it is therefore highly beneficial for empaths, particularly in highly sensitive children / inner child healing. A love stone, it is a talisman in which one is able to separate past wounds from current love in all its forms. 



This amulet holds you on the wings of protection. Made for the empath, the feeler, the creator, the lover. May she hold you in your bubble of love, building you up, making you strong. The world needs your healing, it needs your immense, unconditional love, allow it to be nurtured.


Made of earth, with love, through light 

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