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Selenite and Quartz necklace 
Selenite and Quartz necklace 

Selenite and Quartz necklace 

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The staff of the angels, this being provides clarity of mind, expanding awareness of the self and ones surroundings. Used to access and identify the lessons to be worked through in this physical journey. A sword of awareness, it cuts through unconscious assumptions and narratives, promoting reconnection between the conscious self and the mystic within super-consciousness. Bringing flexibility and strength within ones nature in decision making, it further allows one to see the inner workings of any situation, understanding the superficial and deeper meanings which present themselves. 



Paired with an amplifying quartz, this shield of light offers you a tool of awareness – the absolute meaning of ‘selfhood’ and what can be explored within the internal and external workings of the self.


Made of earth, with love, through light 

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