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Shiitake Tincture

Shiitake Tincture

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Shiitake mushroom is used for boosting the immune system, HIV/AIDS, lowering blood cholesterol levels, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, eczema, colds and flu, treating prostate or breast cancer, and as an anti-aging agent. It is also used for hepatitis B, herpes, high blood pressure, and stomach ache.



One of our favorite of all gourmet edible mushrooms - The wonderfully hearty shiitake mushroom. It has been estimated that the origin of shiitake mushrooms can be traced to the cretaceous period, over one hundred million years ago. It was localized & grew wild only in the mountainous regions of China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea & Taiwan, this is because shiitake spores traveled using typhoon wind patterns - It is not found wild any where else in the world. The first historical records to mention shiitake are dated back to 199 AD when the Japanese emperor Chuai was offered shiitake by the Kyusuyu, a native tribe in Japan. In China the cultivation of shiitake started around 1,000 years ago with a man called Wu SanKwung. According to legend, Kwung was testing the sharpness of his axe on logs that had shiitake mycelium growing in it - swinging his axe he made several cuts in the logs before leaving.

He returned some days later to discover that shiitake mushrooms had grown exactly where the logs had been chopped by his axe. Kwung continued to successfully experiment, becoming the pioneer of cultivated shiitake. In his quest to perfect his method of cultivation he became frustrated with one particular log that wouldn't fruit. After a long, hard, rainy day Kwung vented his frustration by beating & throwing the log around. Upon his return he discovered that the log he had beaten so vigorously was completely covered in mushrooms.

Kwung had inadvertently discovered the ‘soak & strike’ method of mushroom cultivation which is still in use today. Kwung’s contribution to shiitake cultivation is commemorated in a temple situated in Qingyuan, where festivals are still celebrated in his name. Shiitake has an excellent nutritional profile & is filled to the brim with medicinal compounds. This mushroom contains high amounts of protein, various vitamins & minerals ( see page 36 for more info ). Shiitake is also the source of four well studied phytochemicals with proven pharmacologilac effects - polysaccharide lentinan, LEM, LAP & KS-2. It also contains high amounts of ergosterol ( 873-4381 IU/100g) a provitamin which converts to vitamin D in the presence of sunlight Various Polysaccharides in shiitake have shown antitumor & immunostimulating activities by increasing phagocytotic activity of the peritoneal macrophages. Lentinan & KS-2 ( an amannan-peptide) strongly inhibits tumor growth

Lentinan works through both humoral & cell mediated immune mechanisms to support host defense against various cancers, bacteria, viruses, & parasites. Shiitake also helps to support & protect the liver & the digestive system, including gut health. Studies have shown that this mushrooms high adenune & choline content demonstrate liver protecting actions as well as restored GPT levels in toxic liver & gut conditions.

Another active compound in shiitake - eritadenine has been shown to lower blood levels of cholesterol & lipids - studies have shown that a decrease of 25% in total cholesterol can be attained in as little as one week - tyrosinase on the other hand has been found to lower blood pressure & accelerate accumilation of lipids in the liver, thus removing them from circulation. We grow logs of shiitake mushrooms every year & we highly advise all to do the same ( one of the most commonly cultivated home mushrooms & certainly one of the most inexpensive ) we use various grades of this mushroom to produce a triple extracted mushroom tincture .


Shiitake Tincture 30ml
- Lentinula edodes (cultivated shiitake ± 15 000mg)

in 86 proof grain alcohol.

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