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Silene Capensis ~ Dream Root

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Silene capensis is regarded by the Xhosa tribe as a sacred herb and an oneirogenic agent - a substance that causes lucid, vivid dreams, noticeably in colour and vibrancy.

The root is traditionally used to induce vivid (and according to the Xhosa, prophetic) lucid dreams during the initiation process of shamans.

A small amount of the root (or root powder) is pulverised with water to produce a white froth.
This froth is then sucked off and swallowed.
The user's dreams for the following several nights are said to be more vivid and memorable than usual.
It is regarded across the world as one of the most powerful of the dream enhancing ethno botanical plants.

Comes in a small glass jar.

Use half a teaspoon at a time 


More info

Silene Capensis has been used for millennia by the Xhosa shaman of the river valleys in the eastern cape of South Africa, where it is known as Undela Ziimhlophe or 'white paths'. It's fragrant white flowers open only at night, when they emit a fragrant and almost hypnotising aroma.

Also known as African Dream Herb or Ubulawu, Silene Capensis induces spectacularly vivid dreams - yet has never entered the mainstream and remains a fringe taste within western culture.

This article looks into what we know about the traditional usage of the African dream herb, what effects it has on the mind and body and how you can best make usage of it to enhance your dreams.


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