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Woodstock Hemp Infused Gin


with full spectrum CBD

Nobody ever got there by playing it safe. The streets value the risk takers, the people who put it all on the line and don’t back down. Gympie Street is a place of attitude. Where grit and determination are the real currencies.
The rebellious spirit of the street for which it is named inspired 142 on Gympie. Created to celebrate the rule breakers and the hustlers, those who indulged in hemp based goods long before they were the fashion.

The traditional balance of gin botanicals contrasted masterfully with an earthy, grassy taste with subtle peppery notes that linger on the back of the palate and a gentle hint of eucalyptus on the nose.

How to ENHANCE with CBD

Stimulate your body and mind with a few drops of CBD oil. Add 1-5 drops to chill out, whilst adding more can create a elevated experience. Each drop contains ~1mg of CBD.

Our CBD contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, indulging a multitude of sensors and receptor sites within the body. Our cannabis plants have been grown organically outdoors, in rich soil under the powerful sun, as nature intended. and extracted using advanced cryogenic ethanol extraction equipment