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Canna Oil

Our range of full spectrum Canna Oil healing elixirs. Made with 100% natural, pure, organic, whole plant cannabinoid extracts. Some quick info on the different blends we have available (please note the ratios are CBD:Δ9). All blends available in 10ml or 30ml bottles.

Sativa Δ9 (1:12) - Good for sleeping disorders and insomnia. High anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.   For cancer use in conjunction with our 1:1 during day*  Has strong relaxation effects. Start low and slow. Use at night as this blend can make you sleepy.

Balanced (1:1) - Good for pain relief, arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation, tension & stress, cancer*, nausea, diabetes, IBS, Crohn's, M.S, glaucoma , high blood pressure, menopause, asthma, etc. Can be used during day or night. Has mild relaxation effect.

CBD Rich (3:1) - Good for mental & neurological illnesses, epilepsy & seizures, depression, anxiety. Can be used by older children and animals. Use any time, day or night.

High CBD (9:1) - Good for sensitive people. Has excellent calming effects. Synergised entourage effect with Δ9 but no psychoactivity. Can be used by young children too. Use any time, day or night.

Pure & Organic CBD - Full spectrum C02 extracted Cannabis Sativa Hemp CBD. Contains no psychoactive THC.