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Affiliate & Referral program

Please read the below to understand our affiliate/referral system, then sign up on the form at the bottom of the page :)

Our goal with Cosmic Bazaar is to really spread as much conscious products, medicine, food and good vibes out there as possible. If you feel like you resonate with this, and want to help by collaborating with us - then read on!

Although we do offer wholesale prices on many of our goodies, we also offer an online affiliate system. Wholesale is better suited for those wanting to buy products upfront and the resell them in person to others. Our affiliate system is better for those wanting to promote our website and products to their own networks through social media or to their friend/family network. You then get commission (in the form of either store credit or rands) on any orders placed through your promo code! This is great for those not wanting to go through the hassle of ordering products and getting it sent to them, only then to have to further sell on the products to their friend, family member or fellow human.

So to further summarise what our affiliate system means. Basically you can refer your friend, family member or fellow human to us, and in exchange we give you a commission on their order. The person you refer also gets 10% off their order when they get referred by you, so it's awesome for everyone involved! We see this as a win-win-win. Everyone gets a good feeling from this, and we can spread conscious and loving products, creations and vibes to everyone :)

So here is what happens:

1. Sign up using the form below, we'll go through a small process with you just to make sure you're on the same page as us and so we can connect with you personally.

2. Once approved you'll get access to our portal/website specifically for affiliates where you can track orders that you're associated with, and see some other cool little reports and what not about your affiliate account.

3. You will get issued a unique referral link and promo (discount) code to give to potential friends, family, people or customers. This promo code will keep track orders that others have placed with your help. The promo code gives the buyer 10% off their order and gives you commission/store credit. Our normal commission rate is 15%, we sometimes increase if you've referred a lot of people.
Remember that we start everyone off on a store credit commission, after some track record and referral sales, you may apply to get moola (rands)

4. Share your link or promo code to however you chose to. If someone places an order with your code or uses your link, they get 10% off their order, and you get commission!* Everyone is happy, yay! (*We pay commission every 2 weeks, you can track commission on our affiliate website)

Hopefully the above makes sense to you, else feel free to email us or WhatsApp us (even a voice note is fine) and we'll get back to you soonest!

Thanks so much for reading and for your support!

The Cosmic Bazaar Team


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