Concious community platform offering natural medicines & foods close to our Earth
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Our Ethos

Over the years, Cosmic Bazaar has shifted, grown & evolved to what it is today.
We've been flowing along, through the hills and seas, adapting at each crevice and mountain. The team, the clan, behind Cosmic Bazaar has undergone it's own evolution over the years. We've all gone through our own journeys, into the cosmos and back down to Earth again. We've experienced many different ways of being, gone through many layers of our own healing, and Cosmic Bazaar has had a powerful part to play.
We are here today because of the people that have connected with Cosmic Bazaar; the ones who forged Cosmic Bazaar from a blank canvas, and the ones who touched our heart with their essence and presence. We have all created this platform together and for this, we thank you. For your very existence and being, we see you. We are grateful and blessed to have connected with you. We love you.


Our mission since the beginning has been to help and care for others, and our home planet. Through this process we inevitably are helping ourselves. With this comes great responsibility, especially for our planet.

Without the Earth, we would not be here. As living human beings on this planet, it's our duty to care and love for her. As a company, it's even more important to make sure that we don't take advantage of our Earth's abundance and generosity.

Whilst sustainable is a term often used to promote a earth-conscious company, we believe we should be taking a step further than that. We are not here to just be sustainable; we are here to thrive, to live to our fullest potential, in abundance alongside our home planet. This way of living is integrated into every aspect of our business, to ensure a vibrant present & future for all.

We are constantly striving and evolving as individuals and a company, to not only have as little negative impact on the planet as possible, but to benefit it and create a better place to live, together. We are here to love, each other and the Earth. Let's do it together.

So whilst our range of products may change shift and change over time, our core ethos is always truly and simply about love. This is the fundamental reason for our very existence as a human, consciousness, and soul. Our goal through Cosmic Bazaar is to spread love and consciousness to each being we interact with. We all have enormous power to help others live to their full potential - to be healthy, joyful, peaceful and loving.

Let's come together, love together, create together, play together, and have an amazing time doing so!