Sell on Cosmic Bazaar

Have you got a magical product you've made yourself?
Do you have a source for a fantastic plant, fungi or something else?
Or are you perhaps still in the planning phase of the next big thing, looking for a distributor for it...?

Well let's chat!

We've evolved over the years to become a hub and platform for all forms of consciously created products. Whether it be a alchemical elixir, stunning jewelry, a unique tea or anything else you feel would suit of vibe.

We're a bit picky in terms of what makes it onto our store, but that's only for the best! We want to stock only the most awesome and down-to-earth products, things that are unique, made with love and have a special place in our range of goodies.

We have various different options for your product on the Cosmic platform:

This means we stock your product only via our online store. We'll list it with some funky pics and descriptions, promote on Google Shopping and our social media, and perhaps even take it to a craft market. We'll also have it on display in our showroom in Cape Point.

These days, we're most looking for people we can collaborate with and work with their product and brand, pushing it into our distribution channels such as wholesaling. This means not only will your product go onto our online store, it'll also be sold to our stockists and wholesaler who intend to further resell the product to their network. This opens the doors to an even broader audience, and potentially many more sales.

In 2023 we've started really gearing up our international selling. The global market is well...huge. And especially for the unique product range we offer, there's huge potential! If you have a world class product, that is ready for international exposure, let's do it!


So what next?

The first step is for us to meet you and your product, whether that be in person or online. We'd like to find how who you are, and get a broader understanding of the product you'd like to stock with us.
If you've come this far, you're probably aware that we have some boundaries in terms of what we stock..but just to brief touch base on them again:

  • Ingredients that are 100% natural, organic if possible, no pesticides, GMOs are any other nasties.
  • Locally sourced ingredients if possible, and better yet if homegrown or from small scale producers.
  • Plant based, no animal products - we do love bees though, although if bees gifts are used we need to make sure it's from a good hive.
  • Has lovely packaging, or we can help with making it nice ;)
  • In harmony with Earth and it's inhabitants.
  • Suits our vibe


What we need from you

A brief introduction of you, your product and your vision for the product on Cosmic Bazaar.


What we ask in return

A 33% margin (50% markup) is ideal, but really depends on the product. This means if we sell the product for R150, we'd love to get it from you at around R100 or less. If you're wanting us to distribute and wholesale your product, we ask for an additional 15-30%. So that we can sell it at a wholesale price and make a bit too. So in the example of R150 retail, R100 wholesale - around R70-R80 would be fantastic.


Let's get started!