Affiliate & Ambassador Program

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Affiliate Program:

Affiliates are for those wanting to promote Cosmic Bazaar on a more 'official & business level'. If you love what we do, and resonate with how we do things (and have a good scope of the products we sell), perhaps joining as an affiliate is ideal for you. If you're into marketing and want to make a mini business of referring customers to us, we can help you out! We've got sophisticated software to help you track sales you've made through your affiliate links or codes, and your commission can be viewed from your dashboard. Payments can be made out via bank transfer or credit

Ambassador Program:

Through our Collaboration // Ambassador Porgram, we offer certain 'Influences', the oppurtunity to earn real money by promoting us on their preferred Social Media platform.

This program is specifically for those that LOVE Cosmic Bazaar, and want to promote it to their network, earning an exchange in return. We're keen to to work with people that truly believe in what we're doing and are in full resonance with our ethos and what we stand for. A good understanding of product range is also a big plus.

If you feel this resonates with you, click on the button below to begin the process...