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Canna Salve Extra Strength + Sensual Oil

My best friend Sharon and I attended the Cannabis Expo at Grand West and we were fortunate to test the extra strength salve and Sharon has artheritis in hands and I have a knee problem.

Well after 5 days only a tingle since we sampled it on our respective areas. I bought the sensual oil and it really works well.

What a great product.

Tracy Drallis
Great service, super awesome website

Reputable company - Have not tried the Kratom yet or the Human Canna Oil however very happy with service and the response time, can highly recommend their Canna Pet oil

Love Cosmic Bazaar

I've been using Cosmic Cannibis since 2020. And since then I am so much better than I was before. I have been diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) and suffered from insomnia and joint pain. Since using Cannibis my life has improved drastically. I sleep better almost 6-7 hours. I appreciate this product as it improved my quality of life.


Wonderful Tincture. Works immediately to relieve all the symptoms of sore throat, cough, sneezing and blocked sinus caused by cold or flu. With no side effects. Lovely taste too.

Sacred Blue Lotus

Using the Sacred Blue Lotus I just received form cosmic bazaar. It has opened and cleared my lucid dreams. I have been able to see everything clearly.

All natural and awesome company

I have tried a few different companies and Cosmic Bazaar has been so consistent with the quality of their product and service. This kratom has been one of the best I have tried. The taste is palatable and effects mild. Brilliant product for reducing dependency on caffeine. 5 stars any day!

Thank you Cosmic Bazaar!

ROAR medicine

Potent medicine for the brain! ROAR , thanks Cosmic BAzaarrr


what a fantastic tool to use with your kids. really thoughtful cards to encourage mindfulness and peace within our children. Great for educators too to add a tool into any class experience.

sacred medicine

thank you for these sacred petals, just a few added to tea is potent heart warming medicine. I really appreciate that they are packed without plastic x

sacred sprouts

sprouts are the best and super easy :) full of nutrition! yum thanks

Daily Nourishment

I love this powder, it is a daily thing to keep me balanced and focused. I just mix a bit in water instead of adding to smoothies. Thanks for the great product without plastic packaging!!x


I love this food! Added to smoothies and sauces. Full of goodness, my body loves this.

Great for eczema and face

I have always had mild eczema issues (mainly hands and thighs) but over the past 2 years I have suffered with eczema on my face (all over) and scalp, and I have found that this soap has helped to keep the eczema under control since I started using it 2 months ago (as soon as it came back in stock).

The 1 bar solution keeps life simpler, and I find my skin is really soft and not irritable, and my hair also feels great with the eczema on my scalp pretty much gone.

I highly recommend this soap - especially as it is mild-enough for the face ... in fact (for chronic sufferers, like me), I’d recommend hoarding a supply of this soap.


Never enjoyed dates until I had these

Figs, Dried (Local)
Tristan Johns

Eat these delicious delights every day!


Warning! these are super delicious and very addictive. Good value for money.

Afrodesia Soap

Got a small sample size of this soap and it smells heavenly

Organic Almonds

So happy to find somewhere that sells organic almonds free of all the nasties. Makes the most delicious almond milk. Thanks guys x

Splendid, Worthy, Immaculate

firstly i love the packaging -zero waste and the cute notes left from cosmic bazaar <3
the 15g is such a generous amount and the flowers themselves are so so beautiful ! i HAD to come leave a review here.
i love the way they taste both through the smoke and the tea, however i myself am an herbalist and have a strong keen and threshold for these types of tastes. for those that don’t, i’d suggest adding lavender to your joint.
relaxation is on point, as well as slight euphoria. the clarity it provides transcends the dream realm however that realm is also quite vivid. actually does promote lucidity especially if you’re in tune and observant of events

Figs, Dried (Local)
Elna Trautmann
Fantastic Figs

I love the figs. Juice and very tasty. Glad I took a whole kilo. For sure a constant product on my shelf henceforth.

Chaga Tincture
Great Product

This product is great quality and really well priced.

Fantastic Service, perfect product

I received my Blue Lotus flowers in Johannesburg, less than two days after I placed my order.
Very impressed with Cosmic bazaar's service and quality.

Sceletium Elixir
Odette Howell
Relieves my anxiety

I only take one drop a day and it helps to ease my anxiety and helps me to stay in the moment. Great service from Cosmic too. Thanks!

Canna Oil - Animals
Claudia Chandler
Brilliant product

My boerboel, who is 12 years old, has bad arthritis in his one elbow. The "cannamil" oil, as I call it, has helped reduce the pain significantly and he has a new lease on life! He runs with the other dogs on our small holding, plays with sticks again and manages a full walk every afternoon. Really quite exceptional since none of the veterinary products were making much of an impact. Am totally impressed !

Fresh and Tasty

The nuts must be one of Cosmic Bazaar’s best kept secrets. I’ve ordered four different types so far, and they were all fresh and natural tasting - far better quality than in the shops (yes, even the ‘good’ ones), and less expensive too. Exceptional value for money and so healthy too. Very happy with my purchase and will be back for more…