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Amazing product

I've been buying the Canna Oil for Animals for one of my dogs and it's worked wonders for her. She has a growth between her organs which is inoperable without extreme risk, and the oil is making her quality of life so much better! Thank you for that!

Amazing :)

Wow, what great service (same day delivery). I purchased the Canna oils (Balanced and Sativa) for my Mom. She started using these products and it has been super effective and fast working. She has stage 4 cancer and I have noticed it has helped relieve some of the pain, increased her appetite and with her energy levels. Thank you and well done !!

Canna Salve for growths

My Dads face was looking very bad when he started with the canna salve. He had small growths all over the top of his nose. We saw a remarkable difference within two weeks of use. (Started just before Christmas) He has been applying it twice a day. It is a month down the line now and the majority of the growths have disappeared- we had follow up meeting with oncologist at GSH at the beginning of January but they were not convinced it was the canna salve. ( I did not have it with me but will definitely take it with next time) I cannot think what else it could be as at the time we started these ‘tumors ‘ were growing at a rapid pace. I am hoping that in the next few weeks the last one will disappear too and then am interested to see what will happen when we stop using the salve. So thank you for telling me about it. It has made my Dad feel so much happier

Great products, great service

Been using the Canna Oil for more than a year now, and started out using the Balanced 1:1, and now use CBD Rich 3:1.
My kids use the High CBD 9:1
I also have the Sativa 1:12 for sleep when necessary.
I would say that the products are of excellent quality... with the rush to market of all that is CBD related now, I can see the consistency in product of Cosmic Bazaar.
I have seen improved well-being in our whole family over the last year.
Recently, my order was delivered super fast and I appreciate that.
Good job, excellent products and excellent service

Massage & Healing oil

Worked wonders with headaches and neck pain. Had a developing headache, put oil on my pressure points and the headache disappeared with in minutes.

Great for sciatic nerve pinch

Balanced 1:1- used 2 drops. ISSUE: I had a sciatic nerve pinch from my first pregnancy 3 years ago and its persisted ever since, body stress release worked for temporary relief. I took anti-inflammation medication for the pain and it created ulcers in my stomach. I asked my Dr about CBD products and he suggested Cosmic Bazaar, I ordered as I left the Dr. Got my prescription from the pharmacy but they didn't have 2 of the 4 medicines to help with the ulcers. CBD Package arrived within 24h and I took it, within 15min my cramps and discomfort was c-section (9 months Post op) felt like it was gone too. I LOVE this product. Also got the 9:1 high CBD

Great stuff

Im not able to make recommendations , but form personal experience I do trust the efficacy of Kratom. Been using it 4-5 times a week in low doses ( 2-4g ). Always stay hydrated and woke to the possibility that mother nature can provide ...

This works so well!

This is by far the best natural anti-biotic I have ever used. It a staple in my house - and has been affective.


Thank you for your excellent customer service. I have received my order in perfect condition.

Canna Salve

Great product really helps for skin problems and pain relieve. Really works for sun damaged skin, best product so far.

Blue lotus tea

Amazingly flavorful and soothing! The product is really good quality and fresh which impressed me most as I have battled to find that level of quality elsewhere. I have a cup on days when I need to relax and relax in the evenings. Definitely does the trick. Will be ordering in the future again! :)

Canna Salve Extra Strength

Wow, what great service. Thanks so much. Mom started using this product and she is so effective and fast working. Hubby got a cut and we applied the cream. It healed in no time. Will definitely have this item stocked in the house.

Sceletium Elixir

I really appreciate finding this elixir, my friend and I have found that it’s a lovely clean product, easier to access than the smoke... I only need 2-3 drops to feel uplifted. It’s helping me manage stress and social anxiety. Very happy! (Obviously haha) ... just not a fan of the taste but no issue if I have a swig of apple juice simultaneously ☺️ :) peace!

Stunning product

I have used this Awaken to Love Balm for muscle relaxation after a hectic cycle. Also great for massaging into your partners feet. Very nurturing and nourishing!!! Will use again.

Feel good!

Sceletium is an amazing plant for keeping anxiety and stress at bay. After trying many different forms (chewing plants, taking capsules, snuff etc) these oil based drops, taken under the tongue, is by far my favourite! Works in minutes, tastes good and the bottle lasts an age... I have one in my car, on my desk at work and in my first aid kit. Great Stuff!!!


I only need half a pinch of sceletium powder and my anxiety is back under control.

I am very happy with my first order. Great products and delivered on time. I highly recommend Cosmic Bazaar and will definitely be ordering again soon.


Very fast processing time and delivery. Extremely happy with my product, sleeping much better, also not waking as much during the night with arthrtis pain. Thanks so much

New Full spectrum 1:12 is great!

New 1:12 is as good as the 1:30 full spectrum. Still sleeping better since I found this oil. Recommend to any insomniacs! Its brilliant! Thanks guys.

Canna Oil

I have been taking Canna Oil 1:1 for one month now. I am living with Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and find that the Canna Oil really works in relieving my pain.

Never Been Happier!

This will be the second batch of 30ml I am ordering. I have been using the high CBD since February and most of my anxiety issues have been resolved. I also don't feel constant random pain anymore. I really wish i had found this product sooner.

Canna Salve

I love the Canna Salve, great on joint injuries, especially the wrists.

Canna Oil Sativa

Oil really works for sleep and arthritis relief : orders are quick, service is great!

Canna Oil

Best hernia pain relief ever!

The Good Stuff

Different level to the sceletium I usually buy, as such have had a bit of a fun week adjusting dosage. But in general works amazingly as a mood enhancer and sustained energy. Super happy thanks!

Great product

This sceletium extract is really great. I use it daily to enhance my mood and combat stress. It really works. It relaxes and integrates body and mind without making me drowsy or having or affecting my cognitive functions.