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I was introduced to the Canna Salve by my mother and have been using it on my feet due to a Plantar Fasciitis condition. I apply it in the evenings before I go to sleep and it seems to be helping as my feet look a lot better. It just seems to have a soothing effect and helped with swelling!

2020 Moon Calender

The 2020 Moon Calender has profoundly transformed my spiritual life for the better. First time I saw it I was completely drawn to it and am now looking forward to the 2021 version.
Well done Cosmic Bazaar Team and keep up the good work.

Excellent product

Magical Morning Mushie "Coffee"

I LOVE these mushrooms. I have started using one heaped teaspoon of this powder to two heaped teaspoons of the raw, organic cacao from Comic Bazaar, and it is the perfect morning coffee substitute. I have also just ordered Ashwagandha and am going to try adding a teaspoon of that too for a truly magnificent medicinal morning magic boost. This potion is the perfect thing to start my day!

Awesome Product

I'm stoked about my Sacred Blue Lotus Purchase. I didn't know what to expect but fortunately I'm thrilled with what I got. I'll be ordering from Cosmic Bazaar again!

Great Product

For a month I've been taking 1/2 a tsp p/d of Brahmi and all I can say is that it performs as advertised! I'm definitely ordering again.


This cacao is absolutely amazing. So full of energy and goodness. It is my favourite - fine, dark and delicious.

Yummy Magic

I love these hemp seeds ~~~ they make smoothies creamy and packed full of protein and goodness. I put them on salads for some richness, sprinkle on toast, on soup - ON ANYTHING. A big thank you to cosmic bazaar for working to provide high quality products at *very* competitive prices so that we can all have access to powerful, delicious foods. <3

The Beautiful Blue Lotus

So glad to have been able to find this!! Next level dreams and relaxation. Stunning to look at :)
Made me fall asleep with ease and had some cool dream recall.
Looking forward to exploring more ways in which I can benefit from this stunning herb :D


Been vaping the blue Lotus before bed, amazing dreams. as good as the African dream root.

It really knocks anxiety for me and helps with insomnia

Sceletium Elixer has worked wonders for me in terms of anxiety - I'm calm as a Psalm these days! Together with Sativa 1:12, it's been giving me 7 - 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, which feels like a miracle. I also only have to take one drop at a time, so it's economical too.

Wonder Healer

I love this versatile multipurpose wonder healing salve. It not only helps with muscle tension and pain in my back and shoulders, but also relieves my anxiety quickly after I apply it. When I use it before bed it even helps me sleep well. Any insect bite or sting or cut or scratch on my skins heals fast and well .
I highly recommend this fabulous product.

Pretty Good

First time I used the tincture it definitely grounded me a bit, but i feel like it needs more than 5 drops to work. Nice product will continue to use it and see how it works. Taste is odd, so I drink with water

I'm so in love with my lamp!

I bought the medium sized one which is about 23cm high. I really look forward to night time and I love the warm womb-like feeling the lamp eminates. I can't believe it took me so long to buy one!

It's Damn Good

Very tasty. Similar taste to parmesan

Amazing product

This is my third time buying this product and I absolutely love it. I have eczema on my hands and struggle daily especially with having to use hand sanitizer all the time it tends to flare up my eczema. This product sorts out my hands quick sticks. It heals my hands and stops the itching. This is the best product I have ever used to help treat my eczema. Five stars all the way


We love this as a substitute for tobacco. Can't wait to order more!

Cana oil sativa

helps me sleep

Deep sleep

No more Insomnia sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed recommend this product to anyone who struggles with sleep and pain and stress

Natures cure

As a mom canna salve is my go to for any scratch, tooth ache, menstrual cramp or tingle. Love it💜 it lasts in my first aid kit for 6 months.

Sacred Lotus Review

Prompt delivery excellent online assistance and impeccable products I've purchased their blue lotus extracts thrice now and if it wasn't worth it i wouldn't be ordering another 30g this week I've been suffering from Acute insomnia for quite some time now and this plant's been a phenomenal blessing in that regard brew a cup of blue lotus about an hour before bedtime let it perculate for about 10-15min and you'll be wide awake in dreamland before you know it

Canna Sativa (1:12)

Excellent service. Delivery done within 2 days. Product has changed my life because I sleep so much better. My husband who always had a problem with sleep started using it as well with excellent results.

Amazing product

I've been buying the Canna Oil for Animals for one of my dogs and it's worked wonders for her. She has a growth between her organs which is inoperable without extreme risk, and the oil is making her quality of life so much better! Thank you for that!

Amazing :)

Wow, what great service (same day delivery). I purchased the Canna oils (Balanced and Sativa) for my Mom. She started using these products and it has been super effective and fast working. She has stage 4 cancer and I have noticed it has helped relieve some of the pain, increased her appetite and with her energy levels. Thank you and well done !!

Canna Salve for growths

My Dads face was looking very bad when he started with the canna salve. He had small growths all over the top of his nose. We saw a remarkable difference within two weeks of use. (Started just before Christmas) He has been applying it twice a day. It is a month down the line now and the majority of the growths have disappeared- we had follow up meeting with oncologist at GSH at the beginning of January but they were not convinced it was the canna salve. ( I did not have it with me but will definitely take it with next time) I cannot think what else it could be as at the time we started these ‘tumors ‘ were growing at a rapid pace. I am hoping that in the next few weeks the last one will disappear too and then am interested to see what will happen when we stop using the salve. So thank you for telling me about it. It has made my Dad feel so much happier