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Feel good!

Sceletium is an amazing plant for keeping anxiety and stress at bay. After trying many different forms (chewing plants, taking capsules, snuff etc) these oil based drops, taken under the tongue, is by far my favourite! Works in minutes, tastes good and the bottle lasts an age... I have one in my car, on my desk at work and in my first aid kit. Great Stuff!!!


I only need half a pinch of sceletium powder and my anxiety is back under control.

I am very happy with my first order. Great products and delivered on time. I highly recommend Cosmic Bazaar and will definitely be ordering again soon.


Very fast processing time and delivery. Extremely happy with my product, sleeping much better, also not waking as much during the night with arthrtis pain. Thanks so much

New Full spectrum 1:12 is great!

New 1:12 is as good as the 1:30 full spectrum. Still sleeping better since I found this oil. Recommend to any insomniacs! Its brilliant! Thanks guys.

Canna Oil

I have been taking Canna Oil 1:1 for one month now. I am living with Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and find that the Canna Oil really works in relieving my pain.

Never Been Happier!

This will be the second batch of 30ml I am ordering. I have been using the high CBD since February and most of my anxiety issues have been resolved. I also don't feel constant random pain anymore. I really wish i had found this product sooner.

Canna Salve

I love the Canna Salve, great on joint injuries, especially the wrists.

Canna Oil Sativa

Oil really works for sleep and arthritis relief : orders are quick, service is great!

Canna Oil

Best hernia pain relief ever!

The Good Stuff

Different level to the sceletium I usually buy, as such have had a bit of a fun week adjusting dosage. But in general works amazingly as a mood enhancer and sustained energy. Super happy thanks!

Great product

This sceletium extract is really great. I use it daily to enhance my mood and combat stress. It really works. It relaxes and integrates body and mind without making me drowsy or having or affecting my cognitive functions.

Great for surgical cuts and pain

I had achilles tendon synovectomy and ligament transfer surgery on both legs on 1 Feb. Am struggling with painful, burning surgical cuts with very sensitised skin and swelling / pain around the ankles. What a remarkable product. Gives instant relief and is definitely making a huge difference. Highly recommend this product - LOVE IT!

Canna Oil

It is very good, satisfied to live without pain. Thanks

Miracle Insomnia Cure!

In 35 years I have never found anything that helps me get to sleep and sleep through like this. I haven't had any negative side effects and don't feel high or funky. Cannot live without this stuff! :)

Canna Oil - A MUST

I would encourage everyone to start Canna Oil. This product has so many wonderful properties.


Love the smooth taste and the sage, lavender and rosemary work well together
Perfect alternative to Tobacco
Love this product so much
In fact I need to reorder as I landed up giving all my holy smokes tubes away to friends who just absolutely loved it
Highly recommend

Canna Salve

I have been battling with scaly skin patches that develop into Basel carcinomas. This salve is amazing. With regular application the patches disappear within a fortnight.

Great Product

I have such a wonderful improvement in my aging Pug's arthritis since I've had him on this oil. His mobility has literally improved in leaps & bounds.

Great stuff!

Best find ever. Really helps me on those nights of uncontrollable anxiety.

Good results

I started using the salve a week ago on my right wrist. It was painful and almost the same symptoms as carpal tunnel. Every day it got better and better. I haven’t finished yet but I am going to continue with the salve. It works. With time it does wonders. It’s not an overnight healing. It takes time.

Canna Salve
Canna Salve

My dad has been battling for years with his shoulder, has found the use of the canna salve as a exceptional relief of pain and would highly recommend the application of this salve, so would I, works truly amazing.

Canna Oil

First time that I have tried this product and has been great in helping me sleep reduces hunger and provides loads of energy.

Mighty Mycelium Elixir

Amazing stuff !

Natural Carnelian

I ordered a Medium size natural carnelian stone. I received a lovely 3.5x3 cm carnelian stone.

The Original Nag Champa

This is my favorite and an old companion of many adventures. Lovely incense.