Celebrating and Integrating the Masculine Divine in 2019

May 05, 2019
Dear Cosmic Soul Searchers

With the current year's numerological vibration of the number 3 (for 2019), now fully embedded into the Earth's consciousness, let us take time to reflect what this shift from the number 2 (for 2018) to the number 3 can mean for us on a Soul Level.

The number 2 challenged us to understand and focus on duality and polarity on the Tree of Life. To try and find the middle path of moderation, and a more balanced way of being between two extremes or opposites. Also we were called upon to understand that there is neither a "good" or "bad" , "Light" or "Dark" , but merely a tension or equilibrium which needs to be maintained in order for the Web of Life to exist at all.

The number 3 calls upon us to transform and transcend to another level of understanding our Cosmic Evolution and purpose.

The number 3 vibration shines a light on the importance of combining and integrating the sacredness and power of both Feminine and Masculine Divine Energy.

A new Flower emerges on the Tree of Life where Male and Female path's merge, and unite in Time and Space here on Earth for the greater good of all. It is time to celebrate and integrate the Masculine Divine and Honour both Male and Female, to lead to the true liberation of our Minds.

For a long time there has been a global mass voice calling out for men to be more feminine and get in touch with their softer side. And equally woman have been bombarded by mass media as to what the "perfect" woman should look like, and how she she should act and even how she should feel about herself and men. This effectively silences and shuts off the inner voice in both men and women, as to how we feel we should intuitively feel, act, respond and give love to one another and ourselves.

After so much emphasis on the Feminine Qualities being so much needed and men being told they are "not feminine enough" , it is time to celebrate the Masculine Divine Energy.

We forget that just as women can be assertive, courageous , brave and strong, men can be gentle, nurturing, loving and kind. None of these traits are exclusive to one gender.

The two genders are mirror reflections of each other filtered by "learnt" or acquired recognition. How we see that reflection is often driven by what we need to survive at any given time in our lives, and not by what is truly reflected there. A man can gaze into the mirror and see a strong and powerful being looking back at him, but be afraid to express this in case he gets judged as being "not soft enough" . A woman can gaze into the the mirror and see a vulnerable being in need of protection looking back at her, but be afraid to express this in case she gets judged as being "too weak and needy". These mind filters are created by society, our childhood experiences and also our ego's need to conform to be accepted.

To advance upon our paths as Humans seeding the Cosmos, we need to put aside society's current over emphasis on the Feminine Divine, look more clearly and see that the Masculine Energy is a wonderful and sacred part of creation. Men are kind, generous, loving and caring. They are strong, protective and wise and intelligent. We all need these qualities within us.
They are powerful and creative. Both Sun and Moon.

We already understand these energetic forces for ourselves on a physical instinctive level when we are at certain places on Earth.

When we visit or stand on the masculine parts of the Earth, our blood thickens, our hearts beat faster and the adrenaline from the Ray of Masculine energy stirs us into activity.

Likewise when we connect to the Feminine parts of the Earth, our heart beat slows down, we feel enclosed by a womb like sense of comfort and the Ray of Feminine energy lulls us into a receptive state of being.

In order for Human Beings to move forward, we need to understand that if we integrate and alchemize both feminine and masculine within ourselves, regardless of our gender, we can create a third more powerful creative energy. More powerful, expanding and enlightening than exists with two different forces of creation moving along separate paths.

This third energy which is formed when the feminine and masculine forces are combined - needs to be catalyzed within ourselves. It can then be harnessed at any time to heal and create. This Trinity of Energy is the Butterfly of Life which is emerging from a cocoon which was spun millennia ago.

In 2019 let us seek out and integrate all the Divine aspects of ourselves, less we deny ourselves the power that these combined energies can produce to heal ourselves and the Earth, and to send a powerful and infinite beam of creative, loving energy into the Cosmos.

We take this Energy with us into 2020 and beyond, for all time and all beings.

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