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We offer a beautiful shopping experience, with efficient & plastic free delivery directly to your door. Free/discounted delivery over R555 **Free in CPT, R50 elsewhere.

Zero Waste & Plastic usage

When it comes to being zero waste & plastic free, you could say...we're EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about it.

At each and every stage of our shipping, manufacturing and business processes, we're very conscious of how much waste and especially single use plastic we produce. Over the years, we've gotten pretty good at reducing this to an absolute minimum. We're constantly trying to do better and encourage our suppliers to do better too, and it works!

That being said, we've also extensively researched plastic alternatives, zero waste techniques and different energy consumption involved in various packaging.
This said, we've found that the best method for doing zero waste goods is to use brown kraft bags, made from discarded sugar cane and recycled paper. You may ask why we don't opt for "biodegradable" plastic - well, there is no such thing really. Not to be negative, but do an internet search for "why biodegradable plastic is bad" and you'll see a lot of different articles proving that biodegradable plastic is really not what we should be using and is in many ways worse for the environment than normal plastic.

Anyway, here we are! Doing the best we can do, and evolving and changing to always do our best!

To sum things up, we ship ALL our orders in brown kraft flyer bags, or brown boxes. They're most of the time recycled. We only use upcycled newspaper or brown paper we get from our suppliers to protect goods in transit. We seal the boxes and bags with simple brown kraft tape.

This means everything is pretty much 100% biodegradable, and recyclable too.
Most of the time it's compostable (home compostable) too, depending on your compost bin. That said...energy was still used to make the bag during the manufacturing process of the packaging, and therefore we also encourage you to reuse the packing and paper bags as much as possible. Do what you can!

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