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Aether Cats Claw Powder
Aether Cats Claw Powder

Aether Cats Claw Powder

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Cat’s claw (Uncaria Tomentosa) is a medicinal herb reveared in South America for its powerful ability to stimulate the immune system. Research has shown it boosts immune function, reduces inflammation, and helps with chemotherapy.

Cat’s Claw can help with chemotherapy by increasing white blood cell count and helping to repair damaged DNA, it also has anti-inflammatory effects have been commonly used to treat both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Cat’s claw inhibits platelet aggregation and blood clot formation, decreasing overall blood pressure and increasing circulation. It also inhibits the formation of plaques and blood clots in the heart, brain, and blood vessels

Other benefits:
- Enhances the immune system
- Protects Red Blood Cells
- Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes
- Fights the Herpes Virus
- Helps with Stomach and Gut Inflammation

 Use half a tea spoon up to twice daily



Cats Claw Powder
Uncaria Tomentosa
± 60g - 70g

Take ½ teaspoon once a day
up to 3 teaspoons for chronic ailments



Cat’s claw is generally considered safe and effective.
Pregnant women should avoid using cat’s claw.
If you are uncertain about herbal interactions consult your health care provider before use

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