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Pea Protein 85% (Organic)

Pea Protein 85% (Organic)

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Canadian grown, organic peas used.

85% Protein

Pea protein is extracted from yellow peas.

The pea is a member of the food legume family and historically was first cultivated as a protein-rich crop primarily in west Asia and North Africa.

Pea protein is extracted from yellow peas (Pisum sativum). Ours is produced in Canada.


Properties of pea protein isolate

Recent studies regarding pea protein functionalities have revealed unique properties compared to soybean protein isolates.

Pea protein is first used for its high protein content, good digestibility and well-balanced aminogram which covers 95% of the daily needs in essential amino acids of an adult. Pea protein isolate is also both gluten-free and exhibits low incidents of allergen which makes it interesting for the nutrition, particularly for child nutrition, elderly, food without lactose, veganism, etc.

The lysine content of pea protein helps with the building of muscle protein and which is required for growth and bone development.

Moreover, good solubility, outstanding dispersion in water and easy mixing, the fluidity of powder... are all features of pea protein. With very little taste or smell, pea protein isolate is used is an amazing plant-based alternative to whey or soy protein to include in your protein shakes, smoothies and baking recipes.

Extraction process of pea protein

Pea protein is obtained through a gentle water-based isolation process without the use of chemical solvent. It includes dry and liquid phases. First, during a dry process, the outer shell of the pea (essentially consisting of insoluble fibres), is removed by mechanical action.

After grinding and milling, a flour retaining soluble fibres, starches and proteins, vitamins and minerals is obtained. Being water-soluble, pea proteins are therefore easily separated from fibre and starch by wet filtration and centrifugation.

The next stage of the process is to precipitate the protein to its isoelectric point. It is then finally dry sprayed. The end product is a fine white powder of purified protein that can be used in human nutrition: pea protein isolate.

Pea protein isolate is the final product of pea protein extraction from golden peas. It’s a highly concentrated protein substance with exceptional digestibility (98%). It is the main ingredient of our pea protein blends. It is also interesting to note that most of the carbohydrates are removed in manufacturing pea protein isolates.

The better the quality of the protein isolate, the higher the protein content. Measured on dry matter, Our pea protein has a protein content of about 85%, which makes it one of the best you can get. It's great to use in smoothies or other recipes as it does not impact the colour, taste or texture.

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