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A very important ally for Spiritual Light Warriors.

It contains the Golden Rays of the Sun. It melds these Rays into a Golden Protective Shield of Light for the Physical, Etheric and Auric Bodies.

It also strengthens, enhances and reinforces our connection to our Higher Will. This allows us to follow our Spiritual path as communicated to us, with Trust and Belief in the task we are here to accomplish.

The Golden Shield of Protection it provides has a vital function to perform for Spiritual Light Warriors.

Often our greatest enemy and attack does not come from negative energy directed to us from outside, but from the enemy which dwells within us.

It is the enemy of Self Doubt. Self-doubt can form a chink in our armour, which can become larger and larger. It can eventually form a gaping hole, through which our courage and resolve can literally drain away. Self-doubt about who we are, what we are doing and the path that we are on, can be more destructive than any external attack of negative energy.

For general use it is also extremely protective for people who are sensitive and vulnerable and need protection from negativity energy.

Info by Cosmic Soul Seeds
The above information was channeled directly by Jacqui, a Cosmic Soul Searcher, earth healer, light worker, and crystal expert. If you are going to reproduce this text elsewhere, please be sure to credit us so that the source is not lost.

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