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Reusable Cotton Tea Bag
Reusable Cotton Tea Bag
Reusable Cotton Tea Bag
Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

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Prefer using tea bags but don't want to waste. Don't have a strainer or know how to consume loose-leaf tea? These cotton, re-usable teabags are the answer! 


How To Use:

- Add the desired loose-leaf tea amount into the teabag

- Close the teabag using the drawstring and insert into your cup/mug

- Add boiling water, let the leaves infuse and enjoy.


How To Re-use:

- Empty the used leaves into waste / compost

- Rinse the teabag out with warm water

- Let it dry and use again.


Convenient To Use: Simple to pack and close with drawstring, portable tea companion for tea cups, no tea leaves escape keeping your brewed tea clean, easy to dispose of after us

Size: (7 x 9 cm) - each tea bag, has a drawstring length of 13 cm. 

Material: Made from cotton. 100% natural, non-bleached and non-woven fabrics in a natural white colour. They are also disposable and can go straight into a compost pile along with used tea leaves.



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