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Indigenous Botanicals

Southern Africa has some of the most amazing and powerful medicinal plants & herbs found anywhere on Earth. Our diverse collection includes our friends beautiful botanical range, Lady of the Herbs. Her indigenous medicinal botanicals range includes many wild-harvested plants from around South Africa, and is made with traditional tincturing practices, creating strong medicine that can be used to treat a wide range of ailments, from mild flu to chronic disease.

"Why Indigenous Medicinal Botanicals?

They say the plants you need are the ones that grow around you. 

I believe it is because these plants grow in the same environment as we do. They know the conditions we live in, what we lack and how to make up for it. We have a rich collection of medicinal plants in South Africa that should be conserved and appreciated.

Plants are nature, We are nature. 

Using botanicals for medicine allows us to tap into the laws of nature. Our bodies recognise that medicinal botanicals are a gift from nature that works with our body and mind and not against it. When we work with nature, nature provides us with its healing energy"

- Lady of the Herbs